For many, Morocco will conjure images of Marrakech. Vibrant but frantic streets filled with people and culture. A maelstrom of ancient customs, noise and trade, but what of the rest of Morocco? For those who have visited our neck of the woods in Tamraght, or who have stayed in the nearby Taghazout, they will have a completely different view of Morocco than those who simply visited the major cities. Better? Possibly, but certainly different.
Tamraght and Taghazout are set apart by their proximity to world class surf spots for all levels. We love it (obviously). Sure, when the big Winter swells hit the more famous spots like Anchor Point start to come alive with true behemoths of the Atlantic rolling in, but possibly the greatest factor with the surf in Morocco is that you can almost always find a spot to suit your experience level.
Surfing is a sport that should be enjoyed by everyone – not just those capable of
kicking off a thick lip or pumping through scarily cavernous barrels and Morocco’s surf spots offer the perfect choice for those not blessed with John John Florence’s natural talent. Our surf house looks over a number of surf spots, such as Panoramas. This is a lengthy sandy beach with gentle waves; perfect for those looking to learn to surf or become more comfortable in the water.
Once you have mastered the ‘pop up’ the Moroccan coastline becomes a treasure chest of fun beach breaks and more challenging (but equally fun) point and reef breaks. There is nothing better than getting a group of friends to this part of the world and surfing all day!
The great thing is that for spots such as Devil’s Rock, even with its potentially intimidating name, beginners and intermediates can have fun side by side. This is what makes the surf here so great. Morocco doesn’t just cater for the expert surfers, it doesn’t mind if you have a 90’s wetsuit or are surfing a 10 foot foamy instead of a brand new 5’8” Lost. Ego’s are left at the airport and everyone is just here to enjoy themselves.
And what if you are an experienced surfer looking to challenge yourself? Again, there are spots here that can challenge even the very best! Mid Winter Atlantic swell or just a casual week in September, paddling out at Boilers or Anchor point is an incredible experience. Couple the scenery with punchy point breaks and warmer water than Europe and it is no surprise that Morocco is a surf mecca destination for most European surfers. Our surf guides take you to the spots which are firing, so that you can make the most of your time and maybe perfect that backhand snap you have been cultivating over the last couple of trips.
If that hasn’t persuaded you then the culture and surf camp itself will. Just a stones throw away from Europe, the cultural shift can often come as a surprise. Life moves at a different pace here, and our surf camp provides everything you need to get away from a desk job in a European city. Yoga sessions on the rooftop, beautiful sunsets and even better food.
Should we go on? Get out here, try it for yourself. We guarantee you will not be disappointed!