Travelling to Surf Star Morocco

Whether you are travelling around Morocco or coming directly to Surf Star Morocco, here is an informative, relevant and up-to-date guide filled with unique travel tips and local knowledge. This Agadir based travel guide includes an in-depth overview about how to travel to and around Morocco either by flight or bus. As Agadir does not yet have a train line we have included some helpful links. Hopefully this travel guide will allow you to spend more time on the waves having fun and less time in confusing travel situations many travellers experience daily in Morocco!

The good news is; Surf Star Morocco is easy to get to and we offer FREE Agadir transfers for 5 night or more stays! This saves you time and will make your travel experience a safe and smooth one. Before booking your travel, it is a good idea to check availability at the surf house first by messaging us on our Bookings and Contact page.

Here you can read more about the atmosphere, people and things to see locally in and around Tamraght. Check out the FAQ page for other useful relevant information about travelling to Surf Star such as what to pack. Our Extras page features neighbouring towns and cities you may like to visit during, before or after your Surf Star experience. We are so happy you will be coming to stay with us here in Tamraght. Let’s start with some quick go-to facts about where Surf Star Morocco is located in Morocco:

Quick Facts: Where is Surf Star Morocco?

  • Surf Star Morocco is located at: Surf House Morocco, Tamraght, Agadir, 80000, Morocco.
  • Google Maps Location: G87C+PF Agadir (or search: Surf Star Morocco)
  • The nearest Airport: Agadir, Morocco (40min drive away)
  • 2nd Closest Airports: Marrakech (3hour drive) or Essaouira (2hour drive)
  • Best flight search website for travelling to Morocco: Skyscanner
  • Moroccan Bus Companies we recommend: CTM or Supratours
  • Distance from Agadir: Agadir Bus Station 25min drive, Agadir Airport 40min drive
  • Distance from Taghazout: 8min drive
  • Distance from Paradise Valley (day trips offered on a regular basis): 40min drive
  • Distance from Marrakech: 3hour drive (see below for more travel details)
  • Distance from Essaouira: 2 hour drive (see below for more travel details)
  • Closest Train services: Marrakech. Currently no train lines run to Agadir.
  • Closest Ferry Port: Tangier see ONCF. Only cruise ships come to Agadir Port.
  • Closest Port: Agadir, Essaouira also has a port.
  • Surf Star Morocco is walking distance to 15+ cafe restaurants, 5 surf shops, 4 hammam/massage parlours, 3 sandy beaches, 2 pharmacies, 1 currency exchange, 15+ local shops, 3 bakeries and 4 bus stops.
  • Ocean Views: of 6+ surf spots from the surf camp terraces
  • Live Music: most nights at the surf house and at Adam’s Cafe on Friday nights (2min walk)
  • Local Souk Markets to explore: Wednesdays in Aourir (2min drive) or each day except Mondays in Agadir (25min drive)

How To Use Skyscanner to Find The Best Flights to Morocco

Save time checking each individual airline with Skyscanner: a fantastic website for finding the quickest, cheapest and most direct flights to Morocco. Our guests have used this for years and it is a go-to when you are booking a flight from most places in the world. The closest airport to Surf Star is Agadir. Then the 2nd closest airports are Marrakech or Essoauira. Visit the Skyscanner website and simply tap in your dates and airports. Here are a couple of great tips when using Skyscanner to ensure you save money and get as much holiday surf star time as possible!

  1. Tip number one is to select the ‘direct flights only’ checkbox. This will make sure you don’t get more flights than needed.
  2. Another great tip is to make sure you have not selected the ‘add nearby airports’ option. This will make sure you are only flying to and from the airports you have requested.

Flights to Morocco – Which Airlines Fly To & Within Morocco?

Looking for information about travelling to and around Surf Star Morocco? Let’s begin with the flights. Here are a list of airlines who fly to Morocco from Europe, and from further afield worldwide locations. We have also included the internal flight companies in case you fly into Casablanca.

One of the best things about surfing in Morocco is that you can be in year round sunshine practically anytime of year with only a 2-4hour flight from mainland Europe! Here is a list of current airlines who fly from Europe to Morocco.

  • Easyjet, Ryanair, Transavia, Airarabia, Royal Air Maroc, TUI, TAP (Air Portugal), Iberia, Norwegian, Vueling Airlines, British Airways, Air France, Air Europa, Emirates, Qantas, Qatar, Etihad,

If you are flying from an international location such a the USA, Australia, Russia etc you will probably be offered a flight to Casablanca. Casablanca is Morocco’s largest airport but is not always the quickest or cheapest option. It may be cheaper and quicker for you to fly to Europe for example London, Paris or Amsterdam; and then get a cheap flight with the above airlines. This may cut out travel time and will hopefully give you more time enjoying your holiday at Surf Star Morocco. Try both options and let us know if we can help you search by contacting us.

How to get a Free Agadir Transfer to Surf Star Morocco

If you stay at Surf Star Morocco for 5 or more nights you get FREE return Agadir Airport or Agadir Bus Station transfers. When you have contacted Surf Star Morocco on the Bookings page, and have received your confirmation email; you will be requested to send your flight or bus travel details.

Arriving to Agadir Airport? The Surf Star team will need your flight number, airline name, and to confirm your arrival date and time. This will ensure that your allocated driver will collect you on time even if your flight is delayed. Giving the team your flight number will ensure your driver will check the flight status and make sure you are met holding up a Surf Star Morocco sign.

Arrive to Agadir Bus Station? Not a problem. The Surf Star team will need your estimated time of arrival, to confirm the date, and your bus company name (CTM or Supratours). No matter if you arrive at night, your driver will collect you free of charge from Agadir Bus Station.

2 Recommended Bus Companies To Choose When Travelling in Morocco and Why

Do you need to get to Agadir Bus Station to get your Surf Star Morocco transfer? Travelling via bus in Morocco is both inexpensive and reliable thanks to 2 bus companies we recommend; CTM and Supratours. You can travel from most places in Morocco to Agadir with these companies. Our guests have used these companies for years. We always recommend them because; please be warned, there are other companies and individuals who are unreliable and unlisted. Here are some tips to ensure you don’t end up with a chicken on your lap, a hungry belly and more importantly in an unsafe area. Here are some tips about travelling safely by bus in Morocco:

  • Tip Number One: Ensure you buy your tickets from a ticket desk not from an individual standing outside the bus station. Both CTM and Supratours are our recommended bus companies.
  • Tip Number Two: Buy your ticket in person when physically in Morocco. The websites are not easy to take online payments.
  • Tip Number Three: If you have luggage, make sure you buy a luggage ticket.
  • Tip Number Four: If you are travelling via bus between Essaouira and Tamraght; you don’t need to get the bus all the way to Agadir. You can get off in Tamraght however, Tamraght is a request stop only. This means that you have to ensure both the person you buy the ticket from and your driver knows this.
  • Tip Number Five: The Surf Star Morocco team need your estimated time of arrival. You might need to ask the driver for the exact arrival time. This is because some buses stop for a 30minute break and some don’t.
  • Tip Number Six: Be humble and go with the flow. It can be tiring seeing all the often loud locals getting on buses. People don’t really form lines and it can be confusing travelling by bus in Morocco. However, many people in Morocco still get around on donkey’s, by foot, or even don’t have shoes. Try to be humble, you are lucky enough to be one of the lucky one’s who can afford a bus ticket.

From Marrakech to Surf Star Morocco

How to get to Surf Star Morocco from Marrakech? Over the years we have had hundreds if not thousands of Surf Star Morocco guests arriving from Marrakech. Marrakech is a bigger and busier airport which means it can be cheaper and easier to reach than Surf Star’s closest airport Agadir. Full of charm, magic and extremely high energy; Marrakech is a place preferable to visit; before (not after) a chilled out surf camp experience at Surf Star Morocco. If you love cities then give it a try, if you wanna chill out, just get over to Surf Star! Here are some popular options for you if you are travelling from Marrakech to Surf Star Morocco:

  1. The Bus: This is the cheapest option costing around €15 for a small taxi (orange colour) from Marrakech airport to Marrakech CTM Bus Station, and then a CTM (or Supratours – another bus company) bus to Agadir Bus Station costing around €12. If you get a CTM or Supratours Bus to Agadir Bus Station; Surf Star Morocco can then pick you up and bring you directly to the surf house (free for 5 night stays or €10 for people staying under 5 nights). The journey time is approximately 4.5hours door to door. It takes around 15mins from Marrakech Airport to the CTM bus station, 3.5hours from Marrakech bus station to Agadir Bus Station, and then another 20 or 25mins to the surf house. The bus usually stops half way for a 30 minute break at a gas station so you can get a drink, a snack and have a …nice look around the gas station. 😉
  2. A Private Transfer: Surf Star Morocco is partnered with an excellent tourist transport company who will collect you from Marrakech airport with a Surf Star Morocco sign and bring you directly to Surf Star Morocco. This costs €120 per way for the entire car (not per person) and takes around 3 or 3.5hours.
  3. A Donkey: no just kidding!

Taghazout Village: Just A Stones Through Away

The distance between the centre of Taghazout Village and Tamraght is just 8.4km. This takes a very easy 8min driving time and is an area we love to show our guests on a regular basis. Taghazout is a really cool little surf town well worth a visit during your stay at Surf Star. Taghazout Bay is actually the beach directly in front of the surf house which locally we call Crocros. This is because the land around Anchor Point (a surf spot) looks like a crocodile from Tamraght. Surf Star Morocco is not located in Taghazout village because we much prefer Tamraght. Tamraght is (for us) a cleaner, calmer, cuter version of Taghazout, and is closer to our favourite surf spots Crocs, Banana Point, Devils Rock, K17 and more. Read a little more about Taghazout here on our extras page.

From Essaouira to Surf Star Morocco

A really popular location to visit before or after your stay at the surf house is the gorgeous town of Essaouria. This arty fishing village is full of interesting shops, restaurants and has a very windy beach. See our extras page for more information about day trips to this magical town. So how to travel from Essaouira to Surf Star Morocco? Here are some popular travel options:

  1. The Bus: This is the cheapest option costing around €15 for a small taxi (orange colour) from Essaouira Airport to Essaouira CTM (or Supratours – another bus company) bus station. Then a CTM or Supratours bus directly to the traffic lights (the main road) in Tamraght costing around €10. You can then follow the following directions to walk about 5 mins up the hill to the surf house or call us and one of the team will come to help you with your bags and welcome you. The journey time is approximately 3 hours door to door. It takes around 15mins from Essaouira Airport to the CTM bus station, 2.5hours from Essaouira bus station to Tamraght, and then another 5-8min walk to the surf house. The bus usually stops half way for a 30 minute break at a gas station so you can get a drink, a snack and have a …nice look around the gas station. 😉 When you buy your ticket you must request Tamraght as it is a requested stop only. Make sure both the person buying your ticket and the driver know you are getting off in Tamraght. Ask the driver to tell you when to get off too. Tamraght is the stop after Taghazout. If you miss your stop you can get off in Agadir but this is another 20mins away from Tamraght.
  2. A Private Transfer: Surf Star Morocco is partnered with an excellent tourist transport company who will collect you from Essaouira airport with a Surf Star Morocco sign and bring you directly to Surf Star Morocco. This costs €60 per way for the entire car (not per person) and takes around 2.5hours.
  3. A Camel: no just kidding!

Which Airlines Offer Internal Flights in Morocco?

If your departure country does fly to Morocco, it probably will fly into the bigger and busiest Moroccan airport Casablanca. Alternatively, maybe you are getting the ferry into Tangier and need to get over to Surf Star Morocco in Agadir. Either way, if you need an internal flight in Morocco you can check out these 2 very inexpensive and popular airlines: AirArabia and Royal Air Maroc.

If you get an internal flight in Morocco with Royal Air Maroc or AirArabia, Surf Star Morocco can collect you directly from Agadir Airport and bring  you directly to the surf house. You can arrange this when you book your holiday with us and we will request some details such as the flight number, airline, and confirm the time and date with you too. Agadir Airport or Agadir Bus Station transfers to Surf Star Morocco are free if you stay 5 or more nights.

Cheaper Options to Internal Flights in Morocco? Train Lines, Car Hire and Bus Travel

If an internal flight brakes your budget, or you prefer to experience more of Moroccan culture you have more options. If you don’t want to miss out seeing the stunning natural beauty, or visiting the colour souk markets for example, forget sitting on a plane; there are more options available in Morocco.

  1. One Option is bus travel. Both CTM and Supratours offer a really excellent schedule of bus travel panning across most of Morocco. It is inexpensive, generally on time, and Surf Star Morocco can collect you directly from where you exit your bus in Agadir Bus Station. Just make sure you give the Surf Star team your arrival time when you book to make sure the driver collects you safely and on time.
  2. Another option is Train travel with ONCF. Agadir and Essaouira do not have train lines. However if you are travelling around Morocco you might be interested in using the train between Tangier and Fez, Casablanca, Rabat or Marrakech.
  3. Hiring a Car. Renting a car in Morocco is a great way to get around however it is important to drive confidently and safely as the roads are organised very differently to in Europe. Or should we say, not organised as much as in Europe? There can be unexpected pot holes, less indicating before turning, and generally you will hear lots of beeps as soon as the traffic lights turned green. Driving in Morocco can be quite aggressive in general but so long as you drive carefully it can be a convenient, private and fun way to travel around this incredible country. Surf Star Morocco can connect you with a local Car Hire company anytime you need one between Marrakech, Agadir or Essaouira.

Why is Surf Star Morocco’s Home in Tamraght So Special? What can we see? What can we do?

Surf Star Morocco’s home base is a unique gem on the Atlantic coastline in Agadir. We are based in the gorgeous surfer fishing village; Tamraght. An epic surf destination for all levels of surfer, Tamraght is a magical spiritual yoga destination and offers a culturally rich environment filled with colour, natural beauty and wonderful people. As you walk through the colourful village streets you may see camels, donkeys, horses, goats, stray cats and dogs, and beautiful birds chirping. The colours of the sunsets melting into the ocean are beyond what we can call stunning natural beauty. The bright colourful flowers seem to sparkle in the sunshine next to the juxtaposed buildings of blue and white with vibrant patterns and textures. Tamraght really is a feast for the senses.

This sleepy sweet town is now developing some really cool places to hang out, eat and enjoy live music. On your way back from the surf, before your sunset yoga session, you can stop off at one of the awesome local cafes such as Adam’s Cafe Morocco (live music, burgers, crepes, salads, juices, smoothies etc), Lets Be (healing foods specialists), Babakoul (mellow and chilled place to hang) or Sunset (burgers and crepes etc). With super friendly people in each cafe, walking around Tamraght you easily and quickly make friends with the locals. Maybe this is because Moroccan culture is known for its incredible hospitality, sharing of mint tea and tagines, and welcoming inviting vibrations.

Just being in Tamraght is a cultural experience. And with the massively energetic mix of surfing and yoga, you will not need to over do it with doing different activities every day. However, there are also tones of extra activities and day trips we offer on a regular basis from the surf house. Check out our extra activities page for day trips to Paradise Valley, Hammam, Massages, Souk trips, Day trips and more really awesome things to do here whilst you are enjoying chilling and exercising at Surf Star Morocco.

Good Luck and wishing you a safe, smooth and stress-free journey! Please feel free to contact us at if you have any questions. Bon Voyage and see you soon surfers!