It is a depressing fact that you would struggle to find a beach anywhere in the world that does not have rubbish on it.  Some of the more popular beaches in the world like Bondi Beach will be cleaned on a daily basis – but the majority of coastline does not have this luxury.  As surfers, the amount of rubbish in the water and on the beach should be a major concern.  It isn’t just about us being able to surf in clean water, it also has a direct impact on the wildlife and environment.  In steps 2 minute beach clean.  It is a movement that everybody should get involved with.
The theory for #2minutebeachclean is very simple.  Every time you go to the beach try to spend 2 minutes picking up any rubbish that you see.   2 minutes aint long but you would be surprised at how much you can collect.  We love this idea and if everyone did it, our beaches would be much cleaner!  Kelly Slater recently stated that if Bali, a favourite for many surfers worldwide, did not sort out their sewage and waste disposal then many of the famous breaks will be un-surfablein years to come.  A depressing thought indeed.
Morocco’s waste disposal is certainly not up to the same standard as many European countries.  We are not under some illusion that #2minutebeachclean will suddenly make every beach in Morocco spotless, but it will make a difference. Let’s face it – 2 minutes is not exactly going to be strenuous!
Surf Star Morocco respect and support the Surfrider Maroc Foundation. Join them for their next organised beach clean at Crocros on December 7th at 09:00am.