By Laura Shelton.


Roof terrace dinner

After a full day’s surfing, feeling stretched to perfection after yoga, and full of delicious tagine and mint tea, the evening sometimes calls for a little extra adventure…

Sunset surf

After an amazing surf until sunset, everyone’s feeling energised for a beach bonfire, and our very own Charli has taken care of bringing the wood and starting the fire!


As the whole surf camp heads out into the warm night, it’s just a short stroll to Taghazout beach and everyone is feeling the excitement of a fun night ahead! Under the stars and a full moon, the glow of the bonfire becomes brighter as we approach the beach and the sound of drumming can be heard over the crashing waves.

Charli dancing
The fire is bright and warm, people gather around the flames, chatting about the day’s surfing and experiences. Passing round a guitar we suddenly learn who has hidden talents! The music and singing are soon underway, and we listen to a great mix of songs as people request their favourites. Dancing and laughing round the fire (lead by Charli!) means the night has only just begun!

Fire under the full moon
Different voices and languages mix over the sounds of clinking glasses and the vibe is relaxed and fun. To keep the fire bright and warm, twigs and brush get added for an instant spray of sparks! They climb up to the sky, under the full moon and everyone thinks it – we’re in Morocco baby!