Taghazout bay surf spot with pic of crocodile space in the land

The closest surf spot you can reach by walking from Tamraght village, Crocodiles is possibly the most consistent beach-break in the Taghazout area. This beautiful long beach break works best from mid-tide to high tide and is great for learning to surf or improving your technique.

The name comes from the shape of the northern headline which looks like a giant crocodile laying down (see pic above). So, do not be scared, you won’t get devoured by a starving crocodile!


Suitable for beginner and improver surfers, Crocs (the local name) is a great all rounder surf spot. Is the right place to go with a fun-board and a sweet spot for long-board lovers with right and often left handed waves. Taghazout Bay can unfortunately get crowded by surf schools from time to time, so similar local alternatives (swell depending) are camel beach, k17, or K11. 


Getting there:

From Surf Star’s accommodation in Tamraght, it takes only 2mins to drive there. Simply head down the hill to the main road and traffic lights. Turn left at the lights, then first right in front of Atlantica camping (a mobile home camp site mainly for the retired). Turn right again to follow the road on the right hand side of the camp site towards the ocean. In front of the camp site there is a great cafe restaurant. As you face the ocean Crocodiles surf spot is directly in front of you, from the rock on the left to k17. You can park in the area next to the beach for a small parking fee.

From Agadir or Taghazout, take the bus number 32 and get off at Imouran campsite bus stop. Then, walk towards the ocean and you will be at taghazout bay beach (AKA Crocodiles). If you have your own car, you can park few meters from the beach!


  • Take care of your belongings, it is always better to surf in a group and keep your stuff together. Don’t leave your car key under the wheel!
  • Avoid weekends in the summer months because of crowds of local holiday makers.
  • This is usually a very safe rip free beach break however, be careful of strong rip currents when here is a big swell. The rip can take you towards the rocks near to the restaurant so keep an eye out for your land mark. It is always better to go surfing with a surf guide or instructor.
  • Avoid in big swells as the beach break can cause heavy closeouts.
  • Enjoy great seafood, tagines, coffee and nice mint tea at the local Cafes and surf shacks.
  • You can usually buy  spicy coffee, nuts, and even clothes and jewelry right on the beach.

Difficulty (from 0 to 10): 4 (swell depending)