By Laura Shelton.

Here at Surf Star Morocco we have a wonderful, ever-changing flow of travelers, wanderers and adventurers from all across Europe and beyond. Some people are here to try surfing for the first time, or yoga, or both, while others already surf or practice yoga and are looking for the perfect place to do what they love.

This mix of people is what makes our camp such a fun and diverse place – there’s always someone new to meet, with people arriving almost every day!


‘We set up camp at the beach’
Maybe you can’t take holiday from work at the same time as your friends, maybe family commitments or events prevent you from booking in the usually holiday window. Or maybe you just feel totally burnt out and need a bit of space to yourself really short-notice! For whatever reason, sometimes it is not possible to travel with friends or family. You should see this as a chance to try something new! A chance to go to a new place and experience a new type of holiday which you might not otherwise get to try.


‘Only 5 of these people knew each-other before coming to Surf Star’
We feel very lucky to have a camp which welcomes so many solo travelers. Individual travelers often make up 50% or more of our guests at any time! But it is sometimes the thing people are most concerned about beforehand – ‘will I be the only person on my own?’ we worry, ‘who will I talk to?’ and maybe the worst one ‘what if everyone else is super good at surfing and yoga already??!’. Because it can be daunting to try something new on your own! And maybe it’s your first time travelling abroad alone too. It’s a lot of unknowns and our minds go crazy imagining…


‘Surf with people of a similar ability and progress together’
We offer the perfect set-up for people wanting to travel solo, as everything is taken care of once you’re here. There will also be so many other like-minded individuals that friendships are soon formed, and you’ll be sharing your journey and experiences with amazing new people. You’ll encourage each other, support each other, congratulate each other and yes, maybe laugh at each other as you all look back at photos of spectacular wipe-outs! It’s all part of the fun and adventure!


‘It doesn’t matter if you fall off a few waves – even our instructors do from time to time!’
It’s awesome to see our guests often make strong friendships while here on holiday which last long after their time here has ended. Some groups make the effort to all come back together the same time next year. Other times, newly formed Surf Star groups will travel to other surf destinations, or meet up in a new city for a weekend, travelling to each-others homelands for a reunion. That’s the true spirit of our camp, something you maybe wouldn’t have expected to take away, something you have to come here to truly see for yourself.

We are REALLY looking forward to meeting you !