3 Easy Yoga Moves to Stretch You Out..

“Paddle Paddle Paddle” the phrase any surfer, beginner or experienced will have running through their mind while setting themselves up to catch that winning wave.

All that paddling starts to have a wearing effect on our hard working shoulders and back muscles, so here are three simple yoga stretches to lengthen them out when those surfed out muscles start to ache.

Start sitting on your heels, toes touching and your knees opening out away from each other (as being beautifully demonstrated by our surf star babes, Berit, Esther and Jennifer)

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Inhale creating space in the torso and as you exhale start to lengthen the body forward in to childs pose, the fingers walking the arms away from the body. In this variation we want to keep the fingers lifted like they are tripod. The arms are stretching away from the shoulders as the tail bone pulls down to the ground. If your shoulders are holding tension, or have lifted try to relax them away from the ears and let the head drop to the ground.

This posture is stretching out into those back and chest muscles, releasing tension in the shoulders, lengthening out our spine and cooling and calming on the mind. Having the lifted hands and fingers offers a slightly deeper stretch in to the muscles.

After five deep breaths start to walk your fingers to the right side creating a lateral stretch along the body while pulling the left sit bone down into the ground, as it will naturally want to lift up.

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Stay in this side variation for five deep breaths, breathing into any tightness you may feel, and then begin to walk your hands over to the other side, again feeling the energy lengthening out from the fingers and down the right sit bone.

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After five breaths on the second side walk your finger back to centre and slowly roll your self up to a seated position once more.

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For more yummy yoga stretches to complement your surfing experience, come join us for sunrise and sunset yoga on our beautiful rooftop here at Surf Star Morocco.

Enjoy your Stretching!!!