After surfing the British waters of Devon and Cornwall, surfing in Morocco has been more than a warm welcome; in fact I have caught the best waves of my life here!
This may have something to do with learning how to actually ‘surf’ here in sunny Morocco, After a surf session at Tamri, Morocco.with the best surf instructors anyone could ask for!
It was a cold and dark winters day in England, my sister and I were in need of some sunlight, some good waves, and certainly some good surf tuition;  we sat down to find ourselves just this and the search was on.  We found Surf Star Morocco online, and couldn’t believe that we would be able to practice our two favourite things together – yoga and surfing, at what looked to be the most stunning destination; Tamraght, just north of Agadir.  To have both Yoga and Surfing on a holiday for us was just perfect and too good not to share with our beautiful surfing mad Mum, who was up for a Moroccan adventure just as much as we were! Beach Warm up getting ready for the surf
We spent 7 days surfing in Morocco, with sunrise and sunset yoga everyday, staying at the most impeccably furnished Moroccan surf camp.  We ate home cooked authentic Moroccan food from tagines to cous cous and of course not forgetting the incredible lasagna – the whole stay was just incredible.
Time for surfing!And what a week we had in the water!  From Crocodiles beach to Tamri, we were taken to a range of different beaches depending on the surf conditions each day, taking into consideration tide times, swell, wind and weather conditions (very rarely does it ever rain here). We were taken down to Devil’s Rock on the first morning, boards atop the fleet of 4x4s bursting with eager guests ready for a days surf, to scout out the waves.  We were in awe listening to the instructors telling us about the conditions, as we sat in the car watching and waiting for the next set to come in.  We looked out for the swell period (time between the waves), the wind direction and speed and the height of the waves, whilst taking into consideration our route out back, and the number of people already in the water.  Who knew there was so much theory and planning involved in surfing!
Surfers on the beach in Morocco We really appreciated the time taken by the guys to explain everything so clearly, it felt like they had all the time in the world for us and our never ending questions “so just remind us which way offshore wind is actually travelling??”.  We felt like we learned so much over the course of the week, not only from the tuition in and out of the water, but by listening and watching the surf instructors, who hung out with us for dinner, for general surf chat and even stayed for our legendary games of jenga.

Nothing like the buzz of the group hanging out before a yoga session after a day of epic surfing in Morocco.
Nothing like the buzz of the group hanging out before a yoga session after a day of epic surfing in Morocco.

The week at Surf Star Morocco certainly gave us what we were looking for; a relaxing, tiring, (it doesn’t make sense but it’s so true!) healthy, (both mind and body) feel good week that we couldn’t stop raving about when we got home – apologies to those who re-lived every moment with us again and again!
Happy surfer chicks So no more white water and knees for us… well most of the time anyway!  It’s a work in progress that’s for sure, but we are certainly heading in the right direction after our week with Surf Star Morocco. Surf lessons, hints and tips that we will never forget, (always cover your head with your arms when you nose dive…!)  and a holiday we will treasure always.  Thank you to the Surf Star team for a fantastic time, and for showing us the wonders of Morocco, you’ve got us all hooked for sure!