Momo is the owner of Surf Star, along with his wife Lucie. He’s always busy making sure everything is running smoothly, but when he does get out on the water you’ll notice his graceful style and calm energy.

Mo rides a big wave at Banana Point
Mo rides a big wave at Banana Point

How long have you been surfing for? Where did you learn?
-Around 12 years. I learnt in a spot called House Beach – it’s my secret spot!
Momo surfs a green wave with a boat in the background
What do you like about teaching people to surf?
– I like helping people to know how to surf. When I started I liked it straight away and get a good feeling, so I like to teach beginners, and all levels.
What do you think makes someone a good learner surfer?
– You need some fitness, to be relaxed, and do some yoga for balancing. Surfing needs a bit of exercise
How would you describe your style of surfing?
– Long boarding style
Mo always has the most impressive dismount!
Mo always has the most impressive dismount!

Which pro surfer do like?
– I like Alex Knost – he can surf many kinds of waves and he has a good style. He’s very chilled and relaxed.
Which is your favourite surf spot in Morocco?
– Desert Point and Banana Point. Sometimes Killer Point too.
What do you like to do in your time off?
Going to visit Essaouira for a couple of days – surfing in Sidi Kaouki near there. I like to take longer time to go somewhere different.
Did you always work in the surf industry?
I used to do many different jobs before, like in the kitchen, but when I learnt surfing I wanted to do something with surfing.
Carving a wave at Camel Point
Carving a wave at Camel Point

Tell us a bit about what Surf Star means to you…
– We set up Surf Star 5 years ago. We like making our guests happy – we don’t want to be a big company, we want Surf Star to be the same as always, to be a family place. We want everybody to be friends, not a big project, just a limit where everything works.
We like our guests because we have a lot of people returning so they are like friends coming back to see us.