Swimwear – board shorts, swim suits, bikinis…. bring at least two, especially if you like to change into something dry after a surf.
Sun protection – this one’s important! The sun is strong, doubly so in the water where it reflects back. Strong factors are important for your body, but we highly recommend a zinc stick or cream for your face. This stuff is super reliable, won’t rub off and, also important, won’t run in your eyes and make them sting!

Zinc sun protection is the best to use on your face - it's stays put and won't sting your eyes
Zinc sun protection is the best to use on your face – it’s stays put and won’t sting your eyes

A hoodie – or other warm clothes. If you’re coming to Morocco in the Winter months, it can get chilly in the evenings, but also on the rare cloudy or windy days you will definitely appreciate a cozy jumper on the beach!
Yoga clothes – or something that you’d be comfortable for yoga in. There’s such an awesome yoga vibe attached to surfing here that you’ll definitely want to give it a try, even if you’ve not done it before! And it’s so good to stretch out those tired muscles after surfing…
Flip-flops – you won’t want to be wearing socks and shoes while you’re in Morocco!
Sandals – something more supportive on your feet means you can enjoy a day trip to somewhere like Paradise Valley.
Music – get some tunes on your phone or mp3! Everyone loves some epic music in the car as we head out surfing, and a bluetooth speaker at the beach is good fun.
An adapter – the standard French type is what you’ll need for Moroccan electric sockets.
You won’t need to pack things like towels or hairdryers – we have ones you can use here at Surf Star. All your surfing equipment (surfboards, wetsuits, rash vests etc.) and yoga things (mats, blocks, straps) is all provided in our surf and yoga packages.
And don’t forget to leave a little bit of room in your suitcase for the lovely Moroccan souvenirs you’ll want to take home!