In the morning we drive to check the local surf spots
In the morning we drive to check the local surf spots

One of the best things about coming to a surf camp? No worries about figuring out where’s the best surf spot for the day. Nothing can top the local instructors’ knowledge – they surf these beaches and breaks everyday! I’ve been to Surf Star a few times now, and it’s great to still go to new spots – it just goes to show that conditions are always changing and the best waves aren’t always in the same places each day.
Anza beach
Anza beach

Recently, the swell has made Anza light up pretty regularly; it’s become really popular with local surfers this season. The beach is only 10 minutes away – go south and it’s just before Agadir. This awesome spot has a peaky, steep left which sits on a reef, and a mellower, pealing right on the sand. The middle section works too so there’s loads of space for everyone!
Lovely green waves break to the right at Anza
Sweet green waves break to the right

It’s a cool beach too – the local guys practice their breakdancing and acrobatics here. Amazing to watch! We even got to spend some time playing with a gorgeous litter of beach pups while their momma was off getting some food. Such a great way to spend the afternoon, and totally unexpected. Even the ‘tough surfer dudes’ went all soppy and had to have some cuddles!
Having fun surfing in the white water
Fun surfing in the white water

Anza works best at high-tide, but it’s worth sticking around for low-tide because you can walk out on the rocks and see actual dinosaur footprints. Turns out there’s about 200, but we didn’t count that many… It’s amazing to think they’re still around after all those years. So I can definitely say that Anza is a pretty awesome place to spend the day surfing, hanging out and exploring.
Go searching for the dinosaur footprints when the tide is out!
See the dinosaur footprints when the tide is out