What should I bring?
Passport, visa if needed, return flight boarding passes, travel insurance, bankcard (visa and mastercard work), your moroccan address for the Moroccan border “Surf Star, Surf House Morocco, Tamraght, Agadir”, sun protection, flip flops, swim wear, sun glasses, a beach towel or sarong and a hat. You may want to bring your own surf equipment but this optional. We offer a great range of surf equipment but if you want to bring your own equipment you are welcome to. Everything else is taken care of, you will not need much spending money but there is no dinner served once a week so that guests can eat out together and explore the local area.
What are the closest airports?
Agadir is the closest airport just 45 minutes drive from the surf house. Marrakech is the second closest airport which takes 3 or 3.5hours coach ride to Agadir on CTM or Supratours bus services and then a 25 minutes taxi to the surf camp. Most European airlines fly to Agadir or Marrakech including: www.skyscanner.net Ryan AirEasyjet MonarchThomson British Airways Norwegian Air Royal Air Maroc Iberia Transavia BravoFly
How do I book an Agadir airport pickup?
Please send us your arrival details via email – your flight number, airline name and time of arrival to Agadir Airport. We will pick you up from the arrivals area of Agadir Airport with a Surf Star Morocco sign and our driver will bring you directly to us. Feel free to ask your driver to stop to collect alcohol as there are no local bars but you can drink at the surf camp.
From Marrakech, how do I get to the surf camp?
From Marrakech Airport get a taxi to either bus station: CTM or Supratours. Here you can get a ticket for the next bus to Agadir. If the buses are full at one bus station you can easily get a taxi to the other. Find out your estimated time of arrival and then call us on 00212677719312 or 00212668595840. We will arrange for a taxi to pick you up where you exit the bus in Agadir Bus Station.
How do I book an Agadir bus station pickup?
Email or call us on 00212677719312 with your bus name and time of arrival. Our driver will collect you from the point where you exit the coach with a Surf Star Morocco sign.
General Heath in Morocco
TAP WATER IS A NO-NO: Don’t drink the tap water. We advise everyone not the drink the tap water as it can make you ill so stick to bottled water please.IT’S HOT: Morocco is really hot so make sure you avoid sunstroke by wearing a hat, sun cream and drinking bottled water. The hottest months are july and august…..
Money & Payments
MONEY: Morocco has a closed currency so you cannot bring Moroccan Dirham/MAD into the country or out of the country. Most places here do not accept traveller’s cheques or card payments (including us) so you will need to get your holiday money either from the Cash Machine/ATM at the airport or from the local ATM. You can pay in euros, pounds or dirhams when at surf star and we are happy to help you change currency too. There are local cash machines in Banana Village just a 1 minute drive away from the surf camp.
At the surf camp you will have fridges to store your own alcohol in. There are no local alcohol shops or bars so please bring your drinks with you either from the airport (the other end) or buy it on the way here from the Airport. Feel free to ask your driver to stop at an alcohol shop.
Travel Insurance
Ensure that you have purchased comprehensive travel & medical insurance for your entire trip to Morocco. This should include surfing!
Vegetarians and other Dietary Needs
Let us know before arrival if you are vegetarian or have any dietary requirements. Our in-house chef Brahim prepares a variety of really delicious vegetarian Moroccan style meals so we are confident that you will be full and satisfied.
What are the waves like?
SURF FOR ALL LEVELS: surf movies like Sipping Jetstreams will show you some of the more advanced surf in the local Taghazout area but Morocco offers surf for all levels. There is an outstanding coastline of around 20 surf spots in the area offering surf for beginner, intermediates and advanced surfers.
Local Culture and Religion?
We are located in a traditional Berbere village which has 2 mosques. To respect the locals please do not walk around the village in a bikini/board shorts. On the beach though, it is totally fine to sunbathe in your bikini or boardshorts but no topless sunbathing please ladies!CARE FOR YOUR BELONGINGS if you leave something on the street in morocco it means you do not want it so someone will probably pick it up. Please care for your belongings at all times. When you are on the beach do not worry, as we put all of the bags together and keep an eye on them….IT’S PEACEFUL: Morocco is a very peaceful country, and our area is especially friendly and relaxing so you can relax on your surfing holiday.