5 Reasons to Learn to Surf in Morocco

Writing and Photography By Kathryn Clarke-Mcleod

Tamraght, Morocco is a unique destination because it is a playground for pros while simultaneously offering the perfect conditions for those making their first foray into the sport of surfing. No mean feat. Here’s how it earned its place as one of the top ten best surf spots in the world for beginners, and how Surf Star maximises its potential.

  1. Beach breaks for days

    This translates to – a soft sandy bottom. Beach breaks are typically safer for beginners and offer long rides in the white water, ideal for finding your feet. There are also minimal aquatic hazards such as jellyfish, rocks and sea urchins. This leaves you free to bob about blissfully. Heaven!

    Beach Breaks for Days

  2. Culture of kindness

    Moroccan hospitality extends to the water. Many of the best waves in the world are made inaccessible by hostile locals. Not here. Big smiles, encouragement and loads of patience epitomise the sunkissed surf citizens you’ll meet on your stay. Good vibes!

    A culture of Kindness. Camel owner in Morocco.

  3. Consistency is key

    There are more breaks than you can shake a stick at, all of which work under different conditions. This means you’re not going to have to sit around waiting for waves. The key to progress is practice, and lots of it. The team at Surf Star is made up of local surfers with extensive knowledge of the coastline, so you’ll always have access to the conditions you need to take you to the next level.

    Big Wave Surfing in Morocco

  4. Yes, Coach

    Speaking of progression. Those who have travelled to surf before will be the first to tell you that the instructor set up here is out of this world. Mornings consist of formal 2hr lessons in small groups. You will be grouped with others at the same level as you and an instructor will be in the water with you at all times giving personalised advice and loads of encouragement. After lunch, everyone who wants to can head out again for another surf. The instructors stay with their groups all day, keeping an eye on you from the beach and are always on hand to answer any questions, dish out tips or indulge in some banter.
    The morning session is professionally photographed and shown on a screen after dinner in a photo analysis session with one of the instructors. “Visual aids give you the opportunity to see yourself, which makes correcting any bad habits much easier,” says instructor Amine. 
“We can always see the results the next day in the water.”

    Surf Lesson in Morocco

  5. Best of both worlds

    It’s all about balance. Yes, you want to learn to surf, but you also want to be able to be comfortable afterwards and completely relax, you’re on holiday after all “Lots of our guests are concerned that they can’t soak up the sun in their bikinis or won’t be able to get an ice-cold coca cola after a surf,” says Amine. “Being a world-class surf destination means that the Western influence in the area is a big one and the beach in particular is very chilled and well supplied.” Don’t fret though, you’re not likely to forget where you are. The camels wandering past your beach towel take care of that.

    Cold coca-cola in Morocco





Ten Tips for your next trip to Surf Star! :)

No.1: Don’t take anything too seriously! Rid yourself of the idea that everyone here is a bendy contortionist or a total surf pro. They aren’t, they’re just like you! When it comes to surfing or yoga all you need to do is give it a go and more importantly than anything have fun with it! It’s not a competition and remember everyone is different! The community here at Surf Star is a total mixture of people from various walks of life and of varying levels of fitness and surf/yoga levels so there’s no need to worry! We love people to come here to learn, whether that’s from the bottom up or whether you’ve been surfing/yogi-ing for years. Come along, enjoy yourself and trust us the rest will follow!



No.2: Be Warned – The thrill of surfing is highly addictive:) No matter your fitness level, whether you’re a gym-aholic at home or on the complete other end of the spectrum you will be given the opportunity to surf to your heart’s content here. No matter whether you’ve been surfing for years, have tried it a few times or even if you’re a complete beginner you will become very acquainted with the waves, surfboards and wetsuits alike. We will warn you though, we have a very high frequency of returning guests here at Surf Star so you might be about to come on a trip which you need to keep making again and again for the rest of your life:) Don’t say we didn’t warn you!



No.3: Be prepared to make tonnes of new friends:) From the moment you arrive you will be greeted by some of the warmest, most welcoming people in the Tamraght village and that is just the staff! We encourage all people from all nationalities and walks of life to come here, if group travelling is your thing then bring your friends along but also never be scared to come alone because by the end you’re guaranteed to have a brand new group of surf, yogi pals. Something about the vibe here attracts some of the loveliest people you’ll ever meet so come along, plonk yourself in the middle of the table with a big smile and don’t be afraid to get chatting to your new ‘to be’ pals. Most people will be pumped and brimming with tales of their trials and triumphs of learning to surf, as a fresh listener you will be more than welcome. From there conversation will flow and once you’ve had a day at the beach with everyone you’ll be the one welcoming the new arrivals to the table like an old hand!



No.4: Feel free to make the evenings your own! Sleep lovers and night owls can both rejoice knowing there’s a seriously laid back vibe here at Surf Star and the evenings are completely yours to make your own. There’s no pressure to stay up late so if you’re keen on catching up on your 40 winks and re-charging whilst you’re here, you totally can. On the over hand, if making new friends and staying up chatting and watching the stars from the terrace is what you feel like doing then the option for you to do this is there also!



No.5: Be prepared to be fed… Very well! During your stay here you’ll be treated to plenty of delicious food prepared fresh daily, by our hard-working kitchen team. From delicious BBQ’d meals with vegetable and meat skewers, fresh salads and even fresher calamari to traditional Moroccan tajines and stews. Whatever your taste or dietary requirements we’ll have something here to suit you and take it from us, you will most certainly not be going hungry!



No.6: Don’t worry about over packing on the clothes front! Over packers can take it easy and save space in your luggage for souvenirs that you’ll undoubtedly buy, at one of the amazing souks in the area or from the local sellers on the beach. Most of the Surf Star family tend to dress for comfort wearing comfortable bottoms and tops in the evening and wetsuits, board shorts and bikinis in the day. But… That doesn’t mean you can’t dress to the nines if that’s what you prefer and it’s always a good idea to pack something to wear for the weekly night out on the tiles in Agadir! Plus, don’t forget to bring some yogi gear of your choice if you’re planning to get bendy on the mat:)



No.7: Take a small comfort kit! When you’re surfing, yogi-ing and just in another country away from the home medicine cabinet we’d always advise bringing a small comfort kit to make sure you can feel at your best throughout your stay.  Little things like toothpaste, any painkillers in case you have too much fun on the terrace and any remedies you use at home are great to bring along to make sure you’re on top form and ready to surf and yoga your heart out each day!

No.8: Learn to keep a balance! Coming to Surf Star isn’t only about learning to surf, it’s also about giving yourself time to switch off away from the grind and stresses of day to day life. So, whilst you’re here make sure to give your body the recovery time it needs after your days of hitting the waves by making the most of the sunrise and sunset yoga! Our yoga teachers are amazing at tailoring each class to the group no matter on the differing levels and even if you’re a total beginner you’ll feel like you’ve truly experienced yoga even after the first session! Not only are our teachers more than equipped to teach you how to get bendy no matter your level, they’re also very experienced in using yoga stretches to compliment surfing so that you can give your muscles the break that they need during your time away from the waves.



No.9: Experience Morocco Whilst you’re here not only will you have the most unforgettable surf and yoga trip you’ll also be able to truly experience the Moroccan culture. From the music and food all the way to the customs of the Moroccan people. Make the most of your stay, by visiting the array of local cafes, restaurants, markets and just by getting chatting to the very welcoming locals.





No.10: Start looking at flights now:) And come and find your Moroccan home away from home, we know you want to:) Skyscanner is an awesome place to compare airline prices. Make use of their monthly view to help arrange your schedule with cheaper travel. Fly to Agadir for the smoothest journey here. Other close and accessible airports are Essaouria and Marrakech. Airlines which frequently fly here from Europe are Easyjet, Ryanair, Thomson, Monarch, Vueling, Royal Air Maroc, Transavia and many more.


Words co-authored by our lovely friend Clare.

Photos by Serin Coles and Kathryn Mcleod